Taste of Home

The homesickness is starting to kick in now stronger than I felt it last time. I didn’t think missing Christmas would be a huge deal as it’s not my favorite holiday and I generally find it rather stressful, but knowing I won’t see my family for it for the first time is rather sad. I’m glad I’ll be going home in January, but even that seems far away now.

Still, at least I got to eat away my feelings at the Five Guys that just opened in Glasgow. There was a Five Guys burger joint right outside my high school and I have fond memories of going there for fries on days when I had to stay after school to work on the school newspaper. Luckily Seán was happy enough to go with me.


Oddly enough, the main draw for Seán was that there was a huge variety of drinks there. As in, hundreds. So we mixed up a bunch of fanta flavors and got ourselves in line.


The entire joint is covered in praise and testimonials from Five Guys all over the states, and I was pleased to see the names of some local papers I recognized calling them the best burgers in town. I don’t know about that, but it made me feel really at home.

My only criticism of the shop is that it was really loud in there. The kitchen was noisy so they turned up the music volume which made people talk much louder, so it was over all kind of deafening. Seán also thought it was overpriced, but I’m just desensitized to things in the UK being ridiculously overpriced so I can’t complain.


Mmm burgers.


And more fries than I knew what to do with.


I got a regular portion, which was fine for me, but Seán eats like a vacuum cleaner so he got a larger size. The woman at the cash register raised her eyebrows and said “You know that is supposed to feed four, right?”


His only response: “I know what I’m about, son.”


I didn’t doubt him for a second.

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