Edinburgh Day Trip

Yesterday Seán’s folks offered to drive us up to Edinburgh so that they could visit the Christmas market and I could do some touristy stuff. It’s not my first time going to Edinburgh, but I quite like the city so this was a nice trip.



After walking around the castle we stopped for lunch.




Salad with smoked salmon. Britain has the best smoked salmon anywhere, by the way.


Coffee with whisky.

Then we headed toward the Christmas market, enjoying the sights. We stopped by a graveyard on the way for some pictures, but those pictures will be up in a post tomorrow.





Entrance to the (extremely crowded) market.

The Christmas market was cute but it was huge, crowded, and there was no one selling Irn Bru fudge like in the Glasgow market, which was a shame. We got separated for a while, which was stressful, especially since I was out of phone credit and Seán’s phone was dead. Oops.


Also, why is it that in crowds people lose all common sense? People trundle along extremely slowly or barge right through two people who are clearly together, talking and holding hands. Nothing in the market was that nice that you needed to do that. Come on now.




Market on the other hill.

After ducking out of the market, Seán and I walked over to the royal mile so that I could do some touristy shopping. I don’t have any photos of what I bought, since those are surprises for my family back home, but they’re cute. Trust me.




Cue spitting.




After that it had really become too dark for photos, but we went back to the Christmas market for spiced cider and then to the car. We stopped at the only Krispy Kreme donuts in Scotland for a couple of box and then went on our way. Overall it was a nice day, especially the weather. It’s been a while since I’ve seen truly blue skies here.

Tomorrow look out for my post about the graveyard, I got some nice pictures in there.

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