13/10 – Presentations

Forgive the lack of fun photographs in this post, I just wanted to update that today I gave two presentations in my Renaissance Florence class and I think they went pretty well. One was a discussion on changes in Florentine art after the Black Death in 1347 (in response to Millard Meiss’ book Painting in Florence and Siena after the Black Death: The Arts, Religion, and Society in the Mid-Fourteenth Century, which I quite liked) and the other was about how Renaissance patrons expressed their identity through their patronage.

I think I did well? But then again I like giving presentations so I have a hard time telling when I presented well and when I just really enjoyed presenting. I’ll have my mark back on Friday, so after that I’ll do a little post for each presentation explaining my basic thoughts. It won’t be quite as silly and charming as my actual presentation and it won’t have as many fun asides, but it should go over well.

Later today I’ll have a post up with some great photos I took with Seán when we went out to a park and explored around a bit yesterday. Until then, I’m rewarding myself with more coffee.

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A student blogger with a passion for travel, tea, and the art world. I’m also a published short fiction and poetry writer, an amateur photographer, and a burgeoning wine snob.
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