21/09 – 2012 Flashbacks

If you’ll recall, I was a spring-admit to Mount Holyoke so I spent my first semester ever in college at the University of Stirling here in Scotland. I really enjoyed it (as you can see from that study abroad blog), and by the end of my time there I was ready to make the switch and transfer. But, when I changed my major to Art History (which Stirling doesn’t offer) I realized I had better stay at Mount Holyoke. But! I still loved my friends, and I had been meaning to see them while here. Today was that day.

So, I made my way back from Seán’s place to my dorm to drop off some things, which took about 1/3 of the time it had last time (when I got lost twice) …




A Yes sticker on a green light.

A Yes sticker on a green light.

…and then headed out into the city to meet up with them. It took me a while to find them, eventually I had to check another station just to be sure. Eventually we got that sorted and, many hugs later, got lunch. Which I forgot to take photos during, because I was so engrossed in A. the conversation, and catching up with the lives of people I hadn’t seen in a year and a half and B. a really good mozzarella pesto tomato panini with fries.

Sorry, chips.

I did catch this portrait of Jemma right before we left, though:



We made several stops in Glasgow after lunch, including a comic book store and a local mall:

Hey Andy, what'd you get?

Hey Andy, what’d you get?



Also, courtesy of Andy, I got my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Starbucks is even more expensive here than it is back home (and back home I don’t go unless I have a gift card, let’s be real) so it was a nice treat:

Thanks Andy!

Thanks again, Andy!


We passed this street performer, who was playing the violin while walking on a tight-rope.


Jemma using Andy as a table while jotting down her number for me.


Cute photo of Maxine and Jemma


And the photograph I was born to take. Hah!

But, they caught the 6:15 train home to Stirling so we had to say goodbye. It was sad to see them go again, but I know I’ll be visiting them all up at Stirling some weekend soon, which I really look forward to.



As I walked to the bus stop, I passed some more of Glasgow’s lovely architecture.

IMG_6843 IMG_6839 IMG_6835 IMG_6832 IMG_6844 IMG_6851

Then, I headed back to my flat for a meeting with my flatmates about chores and boring stuff like that. Overall it was a really good day, I was so happy to see all of my Stirling friends and the more time I spend in Glasgow the more I adore it.

Until tomorrow!

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