The results are in: Scotland will remain a part of the UK, with 55.3% percent voting No and  44.7% voting Yes in the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Also spectacular is the amount of people that voted, with 85% of people voting in this decision. Now, the post-vote negotiating begins, with David Cameron promising an expanded Scottish parliament. If you want to read more about the campaign with fun, official statistics and proper political analysis, BBC news has great coverage here.

So far today I’ve heard a lot of groaning, which doesn’t surprise me. Glasgow is Scotland’s largest population center, and they overwhelmingly voted Yes for independence.  I’ve also heard a lot of jokes about forming an independent state of Glasgow (and a few jokes about needing more children than the No campaign for the next time around, since over 55s tended to vote No and will presumably not be around for the next election.) As for whether or not there will be a next election, Alex Salmon and David Cameron seem to agree that there will not be another election in our generation.

Maybe next time.

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One Response to No

  1. Fiona C says:

    Being a Yes supporter, I’m absolutely gutted. It’s a once in a generation opportunity, but on the plus side it was inspiring how people got so engaged.

    (I’d also disagree that the BBC has ever had great coverage of the referendum, but I won’t go on lest I become too bitter. ;) )

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