08/09 – Green Pastures

True to my word I woke up this morning bright and early despite having only slept two hours last night due to a bit of anxiety. Of course, the best way to overcome tiredness is a hot shower to wake you up and then a hot breakfast.

My breakfast wasn’t photogenic at all, but delicious. Scramble one egg with a dash of milk, pasta sauce, mozzarella, cooked chicken and shredded spinach, serve that on buttered and toasted bread with more spinach. Best breakfast recipe ever.

Anyway, here’s the kitchen in our flat:

1 2

After I finished eating I ventured out to try and get some paperwork done. I had written down some Google maps directions but found that it wasn’t hard at all to find where I was going, so those went in a bin.

3 4

I took a while to get to the building mostly because I kept stopping to look at pretty architecture and amusing speed signs.


Did you know that Glasgow has over 90 parks in the city? On the way there I found this park, so I decided I’d come back for it later.

6 7

Of course, there’s more pretty buildings than I know what to do with.


This church has been turned into a restaurant/theater/club, as far as I can tell.

But you know what else I saw along the way? Flowers! So many little gardens, it really helps brighten up the city (not that the sky wasn’t doing that already. It was an uncharacteristically bright and clear day here.)


It didn’t take me long to find the university buildings, which are absolutely gorgeous. I’d like to do a post on the architecture and history of the campus in the coming weeks, so look forward to that soon.



This building, like many in the city, has a lot of little plants springing forth. Charming


Unfortunately I didn’t get to complete registration today because I’m waiting on a bank transfer, so I didn’t get my student ID yet. That’s just another excuse to get up to campus, of course. Besides, I need to find out where my classes are.

On my way back I found another beautiful church:




Unfortunately these pictures are a bit washed out because the sun was just behind the church, but it’s still beautiful.

The houses beside the church were equally lovely, with pretty wrought-iron detailing.
15And besides, wouldn’t it be lovely to have this as your neighbor?
16Then, it was time to get into the park.


The three-pack of Sudoku books that I bought is one of the best things I brought with me to Scotland. It was fun on the long plane ride, of course, but it also fills little dead spaces like waiting in line. I solved a couple puzzles and listened to some music while here.

17 18 19 Then, as my stomach politely reminded me, it was time to get back to my dorm and have some lunch. If weather permits, I’d like to come back to this spot. It was lovely. 21

When I got back to my dorm I made lunch (sandwich with hummus, carrots, spinach, and chicken) and took a brief nap. When I woke up I met a few of my fellow flatmates, leaving only one (I believe) that I haven’t met. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing sudoku and listening to the Lord of the Rings soundscape that I’ve been loving lately. I haven’t read the books for years so it’s nice to get into them again now that I think I’m at the maturity to enjoy them as the complex epics they are. I’ll probably write more about that when I finish the first book, which I have about a chapter to go on.

Now it’s 6pm and I’m ready for dinner. Tomorrow I don’t have anything planned except that I need to pick up a package I got mailed to Seàn’s and maybe go take more pictures around campus. I’ll update again soon!

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