Arrived in Scotland

I’m here! I’ve touched down! I’m so glad to be here, and yes I’ve already had an Irn Bru. I had missed Scotland a lot, so it’s good to be back. 

To recap, I left for the airport at around 7pm EST on August 27th, and my flight left at 9:40pm. It was as smooth a flight as you could have asked for, and since I got a window seat I was able to watch both the nightscape of city lights against velvety black ground and the rising sun in the morning, which created a Rothko-worthy gradient of blues, purples, and oranges over the horizon. 

After I touched down in London Heathrow about 11am GMT, or 6am EST, I got to go through UK border control which is always excited. And by exciting, I mean it was a zoo. A zoo with orderly lines and a chatty but helpful young man with the border agency interrogating me about my college life and financial status, but a zoo nonetheless. It also took forever, but then again I hate waiting in long lines so “forever” actually means about half an hour. 

Then I flew to Glasgow airport and one of the more funny incidents I’ve encountered in flying happened. As we approached Glasgow, the captain spoke over the intercom the usual “We will be arriving in a few moments, please put your chairs in the upright position and secure all baggage and seat trays” speech and then concluded by requesting that we look around for our nearest exit. Now that on its own is just a little scary, but it got even better when we hit turbulence. I swear the woman next to me shrieked. 

Once at the airport I got picked up by Seán (bearing Irn Bru and wearing a kilt, bless) and now we’re just hanging out at his place, playing with the polecats and watching dumb movies. I move into university later this month, so it’ll be nice to unwind for a little while.

Pardon the lack of pictures, but I was pretty much just focused on getting to my destination. Tomorrow, after some much needed sleep, I’ll be taking lots of pictures and begin “usual” posting. 


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A student blogger with a passion for travel, tea, and the art world. I’m also a published short fiction and poetry writer, an amateur photographer, and a burgeoning wine snob.
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2 Responses to Arrived in Scotland

  1. HouseCat says:

    Glasgow is full of interesting things to visit (and has half a dozen Goth shops at least.) I still need to write up my review/shopping guide of all the Goth shops there, but I think I need another trip to remind myself… The Necropolis is beautiful, as is the Cathedral, and most of the architecture centrally is just /stunning/.

    • Mary Rose says:

      I’m hoping to do a visit actually within the city sometime this week, and hopefully I’ll find some spooky shops to poke around in. :)

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