The 24 Hour Countdown

24 hours until my plane leaves! After completing my flight’s check in I really started to feel like I’m actually leaving. Currently the washer and dryer are running to get all of my clothing ready to go, all of my electronics are charging, and I have a bin of the other things that I’ll need to pack among my clothes.



I am trying, though, to spend time with my siblings and mom before I leave. My father is out of town until tomorrow, but we’ll be able to chat on the way to the airport. My flight leaves at 9:40pm, and I would like to be at the airport by 7:30. Yes, I’m a bit of a nervous flier, but better that than still be in the security line when your plane is about to take off!

Last time I studied abroad I pretty vigorously researched what I would pack, but I think this time I have a much better sense of what I’ll need. Again, I’ll be traveling with one suitcase, a carry-on bag, and my small purse. I might post a list of my packed items, just in case.

I’ll post again before I leave, but I thought I would share. 24 hours to go!

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About Mary Rose

A student blogger with a passion for travel, tea, and the art world. I’m also a published short fiction and poetry writer, an amateur photographer, and a burgeoning wine snob.
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