A London Trip?

Now that my Visa has been happily secured and I have five days to go until I leave for Scotland, I’ve started thinking about what plans I might make to fill up my time there. And guess what? I believe I found my first trip: London. Now, I went to London in 2012 for a week and really, really enjoyed it. It was actually one of the places I considered studying abroad when I first was planning my trip. So what am I going back down there for?


One of the British Library’s fall exhibits is perfect: Terror and Wonder: the Gothic Imagination promises to delight anyone interested in the macabre. Here’s a blurb from the website:

Two hundred rare objects trace 250 years of the Gothic tradition, exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre.


From Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen, via posters, books, film and even a vampire-slaying kit, experience the dark shadow the Gothic imagination has cast across film, art, music, fashion, architecture and our daily lives


For those of you just now joining me, not only do I blog on this wordpress but I also run twin Goth blogs on Tumblr and Blogspot. I adore all things spooky and horror, and the historical Gothic movement in art and literature has always fascinated me. So, why not take a trip down to London to see the exhibit?



Well, that puts a damper on things. As does the £50 price tag for the bus, plus whatever it would cost to find a hostel there (the exhibit itself is £10, which is much more manageable. I could try couchsurfing, which could be interesting.

I’ll continue to update as I make this plan. The exhibit runs from October third to January twentieth, which gives me some flexibility in terms of when I’ll actually be going. 

And, of course, if anyone has any recommendations for things to see in London (I’ll be making another Victoria & Albert Museum stop, of course) please let me know!

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A student blogger with a passion for travel, tea, and the art world. I’m also a published short fiction and poetry writer, an amateur photographer, and a burgeoning wine snob.
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6 Responses to A London Trip?

  1. HouseCat says:

    My suggestions are Highgate Cemetery and Camden Market (although I hear Camden’s got a bit hipster-y since I last went there).

    I’d quite like to travel down to England between now and January to visit my family, and they live not too far from London, so maybe I’ll make it to that exhibition to.

    • Mary Rose says:

      I visited Camden Market the last time I went to London, so I’d like to go there again the last time I went. I hope you get to the exhibit!

  2. If you can wait to travel until the New Year, keep an eye out on the trainline.com for cheap rail tickets to London – they release a bunch of them usually 3 months prior to travel so you may hit lucky – sometimes it’s cheaper to book 2 singles than a return journey. I would suspect trains from Scotland (certainly Edinburg) would terminate at King’s Cross which is a very short walk to the library.

    Also, a very short walk from the British Library is the Wellcome Institute. If you like the macabre and the medical you may enjoy a look around here. It’s free, and has a nice cafe and a good bookshop. It is a bit eclectic (and the birthing stool did make me break out in a cold sweat).

    Have a wonderful year.

    • Mary Rose says:

      Ooh, thanks! That sounds awesome, I’ll keep an eye open for cheaper tickets and the Wellcome institute, and certainly I’ll post about it if I do! (Also, right? Birthing stools are bizarre.)

      • Are you near Inverness (later posts than this suggest so?). I just got back from there and it’s a heck of a journey even to Newcastle where I live. If so you might also want to check out the sleeper trains – some of my fellow students travelled overnight from London & the south as it was much cheaper.

        And yes, given that the birthing stool was next to a Japanese torture chair which I barely registered, they are just….wrong!

      • Mary Rose says:

        I’m in Glasgow, and I might check out a sleeper train. Thanks!

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