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My shifts at the museum are seeming dauntingly long at this late-spring time, especially since the reception desk that I’ve been occupying faces the big, freshly-cleaned windows that make up the museum’s front entrance. While I have lots of assignments and lots of visitors, I still seem to find myself running out of things to do in the dead-period an hour before the museum closes, so I’ve been turning increasingly toward my trusted laptop to keep me busy. Here are some of the things I’ve been looking at over the past few weeks:

  1. Something Artistic: Artist’s massive homeless sign collection ‘makes some people uncomfortable’
  2. Something Historical: Scientists Discover 17 Million Year Old Sperm in Australia
  3. Something Nerdy: Yahtzee Croshaw explains the nostalgia factor in Video Games
  4. Something Important: Man fends off greedy oil companies with art
  5. Something Cute: Bathtime for Baby Pugs
  6. Something Weird: In 1825 a Physician suggests that new mothers toughen their nipples…with puppies?
  7. Something to Learn: Re-Interpreting Henri Matisse Using Photoshop
  8. Something to Eat: Raspberry Lemonade Bars from the Improv Kitchen
  9. Something to Watch: Trailer for NBC’s new show Constantine, based off the DC comic 
  10. Something to Listen to: Witch of the Westmoreland by Stan Rogers

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About Mary Rose

A student blogger with a passion for travel, tea, and the art world. I’m also a published short fiction and poetry writer, an amateur photographer, and a burgeoning wine snob.
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